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my little baby you are so beautiful
we love you very much
with your long black hair
your name is joshua
and you are our first child
we are so lucky with you
we have been waiting a long time
for your birth
and now you came in our world
in the new world,
you shall be all your days
lucky with us your mother and father
we love you very much!

Door berberhendrikaberthie op 08-10-2015 om 16:56 0 764
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My child

my child is lovely
he has dark hairs
his laugh is always there
I love him
he gives us so much
life with out him
cannot be
he is worth to give him
all my love
i am so happy with him!

Door berberhendrikaberthie op 24-05-2014 om 09:49 0 1223
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