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I miss you

I miss you.
I tought you told the truth.
But no it was not case.
Out of anger
I wanted to hit you right in your face.
But I didn't, because I love you.
Never lie to me, but tell me the truth.
I let you go, I'm leaving you.
This is not a lie, but this is the truth.
Deep in my heart I will always love you.

Door michelexlove op 09-10-2011 om 21:22 0 1685
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I know that it was wrong..

I know that it was wrong  
I've been so dumb and stupid 
and I don't know the way to say I'm sorry 
I understand if you are angry  
and I understand that you hate me 
Really don't know what to say

Door For my dushi op 19-04-2004 om 21:51 0 1678
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