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Hi i'm a boy

Hi. I'm a boy. Here's how it goes...
I'm gonna flirt with you, then diss you,
I'll send you mixed messages, hit on your friends, lie to you.
Then I will lead you on so you fall for me.
I'll make you happy for a night,
but tomorrow, I'll completely ignore you.
You'll be the one I turn to
when I need for a friend or a confidence boost.
Know, what the best part is?
You can't do anything about it because you love me.
And you don't want to lose me. Ha.

Door dolfie22 op 25-12-2011 om 16:45 0 1724
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All a game

Nobody knows I'm still hurting,
I'm still crying in my sleep.
You don't even know how much pain you gave me,
how much it hurts.
I can't believe you were someone who was playing.
I can't figure out, thought that everything was ok,
nothing could break us, I was hopeless in love.
I didn't see that you were playin'.
Since this is over, I don't trust any boy who's walking into my life.
I didn't deserve the pain you gave me.
The moment when I needed you the most,
you let me fall, I was broken.
That hurts like hell
Sometimes I wonder, wonder why there's someone like you.

Door Annemarie op 22-11-2008 om 19:05 0 1563
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Who's the joke

I see how your trying to weasel your way in
And boy I know how you manoeuvre.
With your confusion.
You tell me that I am your only
And how bad that you want me
Then why are you so shady?
If I'm supposed to be your lady
Why should I believe anything you say?
And how could you shame me that way?
Tell me where, where did you get the nerve
To even think that you could play me boy
You thought you had me fooled at your back on call
But now who’s the joke?
And who’s laughing now?
I see right through your game boy
And I know exactly what I came for! You!
For once in your life be a real man
At least give me the proper respect of the truth
I already know you did….
I see right trough you baby
Tried to tell me that you want me
I've seen this game before
And I'm showing you the door!!!

Door MiSsDiSs op 13-09-2004 om 23:36 0 1271
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I'm a player

I'm a player 
thought you should know 
I play on the guys 
now they are my ho's 
I don't do much 
a smile is all I need 
So if you catch me smiling
your ass belongs to me 

I'll tell you "i love you" 
but don't mean what I say 
Because, guess what, 
your ass is getting played 

I make my money, 
I'll get my cash 
All I have to do  
is sell your ass

On the corner, 
20 a night 
They make my money,  
when they cut off the lights 

Nothing to do, 
but just sit back 
And watch my money 
come in sacks 

So all I have to say, 
is stay away 
Before you get trapped, 
in my game 

Cause I'm a player, 
cant you tell 
Become one of my ho's,  
I'll put you through hell

Door Sammy op 31-07-2004 om 00:28 0 1903
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Heartbreaks and promises 
I have more than my share, 
I’m tired giving my love 
And getting nowhere. 
What I need is somebody, 
Who really cares. 
I really need a lover, 
A lover that wants to be there. 
It’s been so long since I 
Touched a holding hand. 
Give my love on the line, 
I hope you will understand, 
If you’re looking for devotion, 
Talk to me. 
So baby if you want me, 
You got to show me love. 
Words are so easy to say, 
You got to show me love... 

Door Kim op 27-06-2004 om 16:01 0 1630
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But I dont.

I wanna call you.. 
I do! But just I don't.. 
I say I'll talk to you.. 
I will! But just I won't.. 
I know I've done you wrong.. 
made you think I played you all along 
Yea it's what I did.. 
I did.. but I don't.. 

Door Anoniempje op 16-03-2004 om 19:36 0 1499
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I thought

your saying that you ain't a player no more 
your telling me that you simply closed that door 
But because all of that pimpin that you have done. 
There's finally a honoust man to who I belong. 
Sorry to tell you like this that it ain't you. 
Im sorry to tell you like this, that we are trough... 

Door Kinkie.ebUzhAnnneee op 07-02-2004 om 23:04 0 1568
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Roses are dead 
Violets are too 
I'm still in love 
But not with you 
You thought you hurt me 
And made me cry 
But I was in love  
With another guy 
Simply because you have 
No class 
All you can do  
Is kiss my ass 
You sit around  
And talk your shit 
So f**k you and your  
Little ass dick 
You thought you left me 
But I left you 
What my man is doing 
You can't do 
You tell your homies  
You played me like a bitch 
And I tell my girls  
You have a little dick 
You said you loved me 
But it wasent true 
Well guess what Motha f**ka 
I played you too! 

Door Baby girl op 04-01-2004 om 18:07 0 1571
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If you feel the inspiration, 
to complete the population, 

take a boy behind the door, 
put him softly on the floor, 

if the boy comes not in action,  
you can get no satisfaction!!!

Door San op 26-04-2003 om 17:11 0 1540
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You thought you broke my heart 
You thought you made me cry 
Haha, .. don't you know? 
Not every player is a guy!

Door XXVaniTYXx op 21-01-2003 om 15:19 0 1582
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All your girlfriends.

Everytime I look up, I see it in your face 
U wanna hook up with me! 
Instead of actin like U suposed to, 
U cop an attitude like you're too good for me 
But U know good and damn well
hat if I wanted I could take U from ya girl, 
Please believe it with my eyes closed 
I could have U eatin out the palm of my hand 
And all your little girlfriends 2.

Door [:: webmaster ::] op 09-11-2002 om 23:23 0 1553
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you know some girls are strange
you think you can love them and later you spit them 
than you are loving them again
and then the girl spit in your face and dont say anything
so dont love them be a free player.
And dont love only one girl
because she will brake your hart and you wish to die
you have so much love in that girl.
But i say wait when your 18.
than find one girl for your own not on 15 16 17.
because girls are just players when they are 15.
they will love you for maybe 2 months or 1 year.
but never longer so get this in your brains and listen

Door Mystery op 27-10-2002 om 17:42 0 1611
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There's a boy how i loved very much...
He's nice ,sweet,pretty and Everything what i need ...
There was a time he was mah boyfriend 4 a couple weaks
But he broke up with me ...
And when he broks up with me i was very sad...
He had broke my heart...
After him i was scared 2 love someone else
Because i was thinking : maybe will he break my heart 2...
But now i know that not every boy is the same....
And know i no 2 what a player is !!

Door [Meizjuh] op 22-10-2002 om 19:27 0 1418
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