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To My Former Muse

I decided that it's time to part our ways
We've been holding on to the fantasy of what we could've been
And if I don't cut you off we will continue to do so until the end of our days

And although this hurts
I'm so sure we will both grow from this time apart
No growth ever came from a comfort zone
And only time can heal a broken heart

Our love has filled so many pages
so many poems wrote itself
You made it so easy
But it's time to put the final book on the shelf

So since this is our final goodbye
You will no longer be my muse
I will no longer write my poems about you
And I will let you loose

Door TRUE op 11-06-2024 om 11:53 0 17
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Life & Dead

Dead once asked Life;
Why does everyone love you but yet they hate me?
So Life responded and it said;
Because you dead you are a painful truth.
Well I am, I'm a beautiful lie ..

Door ReizendDalend op 31-07-2023 om 10:45 0 240
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I know
the amount
of love
I give
once I love someone
is endlessly.

I also know
it has been
to those who received.

I just wish
there was someone
just one person
who can handle it
and give
just a little part
of it back.

Door TRUE op 03-07-2020 om 12:21 0 920
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Ocean of tears

my bed isn't a bed anymore
it's an ocean, filled with my tears

i try to be as positive as i can
but i have too many fears

My tears could fill a whole lake
A lake with great storms on it

I don't wanna be like this anymore
Not even a bit

This ocean has waves as high as the walls i build around me
I don't wanna live like this, I wanna be free

Free as a cricket in a field
A bird in the sky

Who could fly anywhere in the air
Oh man this isn't fair

They can go wherever they wanna go
And I'm stuck here on this island

The island in the ocean
The ocean filled with tears

Door Riikki op 27-06-2019 om 22:09 0 1191
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we've known each other for months now
i really like you a lot
even though we don't speak every day

you say you like me as well
but i just can't tell
if you're serious or not
maybe you're the same as i thought

i imagined you to be different than the others
you'd respect one for what they were
but after all it just seemed like a blur

you said you loved me, and i said it back
well here i am again, the insomniac
one more sleepless night because of you
another night i have to push through

i've done it enough to just accept it
and i know i really shouldn't
but my mind is just so far gone in the middle of the night
it's like i'm already waiting for the daylight

the dark circles under my eyes become bigger and darker every time
i mean it's way over bedtime
and i know i shouldn't be stupid and just go to sleep

but i just can't forget the feeling i get of thinking of you
and the things you said we would do
but for now it's every thing i'm used to

me in my bed, on my own
i don't want this, i feel alone
alone and miserable


Door Riikki op 27-06-2019 om 22:00 0 1257
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Burning Surrounding

Sleep is for every soul
Rest is what I carve day-in, day-out
the more I approach it, the more it seems unreachable,
Burning flame I can't put out for the moment,
My eyes look up on high instead of the usual downing position,
Only my desire to succeed keeps me floating,
My days are numbered in this four walls shelter
Everyday I draw closer to my destination
Then I will gladly say thanks and Goodbye ..

Door thinker op 31-07-2018 om 23:48 0 1601
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Come back!

You are my Sunshine in the rain,
But now you're gone, all what's left is pain.
Pain I feel deep inside,
It's such a strong feeling I can not hide.
Every time I think of you,
I see a beautiful woman, babe, that's true.
You mean the world to me, I can't deny,
I hope someday you'll believe in you and I.
I miss you darling, more and more,
Why did I ever let you walk out that door.
How could I ever let you slip away.
Now you're gone I'm not okay.
Babe, take your time and listen to your heart,
Come back, baby, let's make a brand new start!?!

Door Wijnandsr op 08-09-2017 om 20:59 0 2008
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Last Sunday

On a sad Sunday with a hundred white flowers,

I was waiting for you, my dear, with a church prayer.
That dream-chasing Sunday morning,

the chariot of my sadness returned without you.
Ever since then, Sundays are always sad, 
tears are my drink,
and sorrow is my bread... 
Sad Sunday.
Last Sunday, my dear, please come along, 

there will even be priest, coffin, catafalque, hearse-cloth.

Even then flowers will be awaiting you, flowers and coffin.

Under blossoming trees my journey shall be the last.
My eyes will be open, so that I can see you one more time.

Do not be afraid of my eyes,
as I am blessing you even in my death... 
Last Sunday.

Door Brandweermanon op 25-01-2017 om 18:37 0 2327
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Ik wil graag blij zijn

ik wil graag blij zijn
en weet dat ik dat heel
gauw weer zal zijn
het wonder zal gebeuren
en de duisternis zal verdwijnen.
van mijn karakter heb ik
een blij karakter.
en ik weet dat dat ik heb
gekregen bij mijn geboorte
ik was een blijde baby
en een blij meisje.
en was heel blij dat ik van
jezus mocht houden.
maar door de dingen die
ik meemaakte en nog mee maak
is mijn blijdschap wat minder geworden.
ik weet dat er een wonder zal gebeuren.
ik hoop vandaag nog.
dat de blijdschap zal terug komen
en ik de dingen vergeet die
ik heb meegemaakt.
ik weet dat jezus me zal helpen.

Door berberhendrikaberthie op 17-11-2016 om 15:36 0 2087
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Without any choice..
I came in a roller coaster again.. Do I like this one..
No, I don't like this one at all..
People ask me what happened..
I can tell you.. and I am not afraid to tell you
my story about my roller coaster..
The only problem is.. you can't do something about it..
So I can tell you.. you can listen..
but that's the only thing you can do for me..
And that is okay.. but please stop telling me everything will be okay..
You don't know.. I don't know.. We don't know..
The only thing we can do is wait..
Waiting for an answer..
An answer we both can do something with..
Please let me feel like I feel
and don't blame me when I don't know things yet..

Thank you!

Door kelseyy110397 op 08-11-2016 om 22:57 0 2175
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Mixed feelings

I don't know if someone agrees with me..
Everyone knows you as a bad guy..
They have seen the bad things you did..
The things that were not fair..
But you did it..
They don't look further than that..
They only remember that thing..
And I'm not sure If I know you better than that..
But I'm sure of the things we did..
The things we shared together..
Nobody saw you inside the room..
But I did..
And I am not defending you.. No I'm not.
Cause what you did was wrong..
But I'm still thinking about what we shared..
And that's difficult..
Cause I can't share that feeling with someone else...
Someone else who truly understands me,
or understands it, or even better,
someone who understands us.

Door kelseyy110397 op 17-10-2016 om 23:33 0 2369
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Our love

yes, my darling, my love
for you is very great
i love you from the bottom
of my heart
you are so kind, so sweet
you are my sweetheart
love you so much.
and i know that your love
for me is also great.
in the past i loved many men,
but i know you are
the best man for me.
you are so strong,
so friendly and tender.
now i am never lonesome.
our kisses are sweet and tender
darling, love you very much.

Door berberhendrikaberthie op 01-09-2016 om 16:54 0 2348
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ja,in de hemel zijn veel engelen
heel vaak verlang ik naar de hemel
om ook een engel te mogen zijn
mijn heimwee is altijd groot
om met engelen samen te zijn
wat zal dat toch mooi zijn
verlost te zijn van alles
wat me op deze aarde bindt
bij god, jezus, alle gelovigen
en engelen te zijn.
op deze aarde heb ik ook
veel vreugde ervaren
maar de vreugde in de hemel
zal veel groter zijn,
waar geen machten ons
meer zullen bedreigen
ik hoop dat het gauw gebeurt.

Door berberhendrikaberthie op 16-07-2016 om 16:03 0 2241
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The meadow

I wish, that I was in the meadow, so lonely I could die
that the voices in my head disappeared
That I could hear the sound of my own thoughts again
what I really wanted to say, and that I learned to love again
I wait for the better days to come, that the peaceful meadow,
the place where I feel safe, is from everyone,
and not only for the times when you feel sad or upset,
but I guess that my meadow, only exist in my head.

Door Brandweermanon op 11-04-2016 om 22:19 0 2393
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I cannot go to the ocean
I cannot drive the streets at night
I cannot wake up in the morning
without you on my mind
So you're gone and I'm haunted
And I bet that you are just fine
Did I really make it that easy for you
To just walk in and out of my life

Door naomi op 20-03-2016 om 14:30 0 2446
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I think the saddest word
in the whole wide world
is almost
He was almost in love
She was almost good enough for him
He almost stopped her
She almost waited
She almost lived
They almost made it

Door naomi op 19-03-2016 om 19:08 0 2662
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Personal story

I feel like an idiot.
I feel broken, empty.
Hearing you say those words.
"I never want to be your boyfriend"
I still can't believe you said it to me,
with a big smile on your stupid face.
It felt like you ripped my heart out
and threw it at the ground.
And I'll pick up all the pieces
and I'll put them back in your hands.
Cause that's how much I love you.
I care about you, more than about myself.
You don't have any reason to be mad at me.
You broke my heart.
And I hate myself, because I can't hate you.
It hurts like hell.
And you don't even see, you don't even care.

Door mylifeaslil op 21-02-2016 om 21:49 0 2476
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Can't understand

Why, I can't understand it!
We didn't spoke each other for a couple of months
and after those months you came back
We started to see each other again
after al those months
we laughed with each other
spoke with each other
we just had a lot of fun together
but it's not the way it was before
the feeling what we had
it wasn't there

We spoke each other after that wonderful day at the beach
and we both were thinking the same thing
we're better of without each other
better being friends

But why can't my mind understand that?
cus my heart left you
but my mind still thinks about you
even when I know this is the best thing we can do
I am still thinking about the times we spent together
the feeling you gave me
but when we are together now
it isn't the same feeling anymore,
but why can't my mind understand that?
It is so frustrating
And so annoying

Door kelseyy110397 op 25-01-2016 om 11:08 0 2473
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She was like a drug to me
I wanted more and more
I knew she was my doom
but the thrill was worth dying for
she was my drug and I
like the addict
I didn't know how to quit

Door naomi op 10-01-2016 om 19:40 0 2478
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The Most From All

If your love is taken, would you show it by my side?
If our other nights been wasted, will you stay with me this night?
And the way through my head is the true kind of all
But I love you the most from all
And I still love you the most from all.

Door Brandweermanon op 08-01-2016 om 18:29 0 2534
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