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The love-deny-er

He never wanted love, he only wanted fun.
Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll
for him it wasn't all undone.

He just did all that God had forbidden,
But only love he thought was scary,
When love came, he just was hidden.

Then it was too late, the love-deny-er died.
All whom ever had want him
sit at his grave
and cried.

His mother planted a seed,
and what you think did grow?
Just a rock 'n rollers most loved eat:
Their weed!

(For Michael Hutchence)

Door PinaJones op 30-08-2015 om 00:50 0 2643
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Do you know the feeling
The feeling of good music
Lonely sitting for an open window
In my case an open caravan door
Listening to good music
Music what exactly describes your feelings
Enjoying your day off in silence
Just with you and the music
Repeating the song a thousand times
And looking outside
The wind into the trees
The birds whistling
Every word in a song
You think about it
About life
About love
About your future
Just enjoy every moment
Before you let it go

Door kelseyy110397 op 28-05-2015 om 14:11 0 2730
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