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I will always honor, cherish, adore and love you

I beg for your understanding,
I plea for your forgiveness.
I am ashamed and scared,
of these words I'm about to say.
These words have been used by others,
words that have been spoken
loosely, abusively and selfishly by
So many before me on this very day
But Alas I know of no other words,
For I am a mere mortal of flesh and bones.
So as my feelings compel me
I must say these words at risk of being alone.
So as I humble myself in your presence,
I reach for your hand upon my knees.
Gaze into your eyes; and ask that you
Believe these words I say are true.
"I will always Honor, cherish, adore,
and Love You."

Door PikaGirl op 30-03-2013 om 11:07 0 2919
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Would you be ..

Your beautiful smile makes the sun rise
There are a million stars in your brown eyes
When you touch me it feels so sweet
In life your touch is all I need
My love for you is what I'll always show
I don't ever want you to let me go
Just being with you feels so fine
Would you be my Valentine?

Door Valentijn op 13-02-2013 om 20:43 0 3034
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Valentine, my love for you
will last until the sun stops shining
until the birds stop singing
until the world stop turning
Face it, you're stuck with me forever!

Door Valentijn op 13-02-2013 om 20:43 0 2969
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Valentine's day

This day is the day of love.
And I love you forever, my boy.
I will remember the day we first saw each other in class,
that day we talked about the Netherlands.
I will remember the first time we made love. You made me happy with that.
I will remember the first time we kissed. It was wild, but nice too.
I will remember the times we said goodbye. That's always sweet to me.
I will remember the first time we danced. It felt so good.
I will be faithfully to you.
I belong to you and I will never belong to another boy.
You are in my heart and always had a special place in my heart.
To one person you will mean the world, you mean the world to one person.

Door annavita op 01-02-2012 om 14:35 1 3282
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