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you were my pen friend
in England for 40 years.
and now you are dead
I miss you very much
you were such a lovely woman
in your sickness
your thoughts were for me
we loved each other much
you were such a happy friend
you loved flowers
and loved the beach
and the sea
and you loved your
children so much
you had love in yourself
and now I think you are in heaven
without pain and sorrow
dear June, I'll never forget you
you were a special woman.
I love you!

Door berberhendrikaberthie op 25-08-2014 om 18:21 0 3024
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I miss you

i miss you more than words can say.
i know it's better now.
you have no pain anymore.
there is nothing that can bring you back.
i want you by my side.
i never told that i love you.
i hope that you know that.
i know you 8 years.
i met you when i was 4.
you became like a father for me.
i miss the times with you.
my mom and cry for a long time.
i can't stop crying.
i wish you were home with my mom.
so if i came home i'd see you on the sofa.
i wish you were here with no pain and no cancer.
so we can live normal.

Door imissyou op 03-11-2013 om 16:08 0 3002
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I never forget you

Every step I take,
Every move I make,
Every single day
every time I pray I'll be missing you.
I know you're in heaven smilin down,
whatching us while we pray for you,
Every day we pray for you,
Till the day we meet again,
In my heart is where I'll keep you.

Door superlolzz op 25-03-2012 om 17:25 0 3293
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4 ever.

4ever in touch 
4ever in my heart 
4ever in my mind 
4ever by my side 
4ever torn apart 
4ever your away 
4ever gone in this world 
but never in my heart

Door Annet op 12-11-2004 om 09:44 0 3208
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Bye Bye Daddy.

Now you leave me, 
you have to know 
I?ll miss you so much., 
now you have to go 
You are always on my mind 
And that will be forever  
Because I can?t forget you ever 
You have a special place in my heart, 
You know... 
And that will always be so 
Bye bye daddy, 
Remember that i love you with my whole heart 
Now...and FOREVER! 

Door .:::.[*BLoNdYlIcIoUs-M*].:::. op 12-04-2003 om 16:03 0 3567
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