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At home stuck with World War III

My parents always fight, they stop when I turn on the light.
They say that they're sorry, and I don't have to worry.
I walk on the stairs and go back up, but they still don't stop.
I am laying on my pillow, while these to stupid adults put up a show.
Next morning daddy is gone, mama says don't worry you didn't do anything wrong.

The next I do I start to cry, then I'm wondering why.
Why did he leave now after all these fights, and all the turning on with lights.
I just didn't get it, why they just didn't admi.
Admit that it was both there mistake, a mistake that made there love fake.

And right now I'm the one with a crying mother all day long,
and a father on the telephone telling me I didn't do anything wrong.
I love them both, but sometimes I can just chuck them by the throat.

I love my parents!

Door RemyT. op 22-11-2011 om 16:49 0 3339
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