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So alone..

So you told me I must call u at eleven o clock, 
But you didn’t pick up you’re phone, 
Just wanted to tell you: me thinking of you will never stop, 
I never thought I could feel so alone!!

Door Daisy op 15-10-2004 om 11:04 0 3017
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don't ask me why  
when I think back 
on the holiday of 2 years ago 
that we walked for mijls  
anf we talked  
so much 
that i feel me 
so tired  
and i found 
that i has found  
someone for oure friendship  
but then you 
went out of ore lifes 
and now i walked  
with my dad for milles  
and than i think 
that you looking downstiars to me 
and say  
you can do it if you want 

Door Mariska op 19-12-2003 om 09:51 0 3021
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