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They don't need you

That stupid feeling..
Those stupid feelings..

You are caring too much about some people..
Some people who don't understand that stupid feeling..

You want to help someone..
But they won't let you in their problems..

They won't tell you what happened..
And you just felt hopeless..

Even when it isn't possible to fix their problem..
You're still trying to fix it..

You tried to help them..
But they don't understand..

That hopeless feeling makes you sad..
Because you care..

And you know you don't need to know everything..
But it feels like shit when you can't help..

You need to accept 'no, I don't need you'..
Or 'I don't want you to help me'..

Even when they are crying..
Even when you see they aren't okay..

You can try so hard..
But if they won't it..

Just let it go..
Don't feel yourself hopeless..

Don't make their problems your problem..
Because it isn't your thing..

You don't know what it is.
Stop caring that much..

Just be proud you tried..
Tried to help them..

Door kelseyy110397 op 13-03-2015 om 08:51 1 2733
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Take my hand

Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close. Take my hand, I'll take the lead
And every turn will be safe with me
Don't be afraid, afraid to fall
You know I'll catch you through it all...
So can I have this dance...

Door x11xO9x10x op 15-02-2012 om 16:28 0 3416
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Leave me alone

when I first saw you,
I thought I could trust you.
but I was way off the mark.
You've used me and dumped me.
but now you want me back.
but it is over now.
Leave me alone,
I do not need you.

Door Daphne. op 03-11-2009 om 12:04 0 2861
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